“More Than We Know”

N. Stan Hankins

“Lord, don’t you care?” That incendiary question echoes twice in the New Testament.  Once, by frenzied disciples in a rocking boat, then a frustrated sister from her kitchen door.  Intriguing that the Bible shows people being brutally candid with Jesus.  He could handle it.  In the midst of our peril and pain, the same irritated indictment directed to our Savior may have privately crossed your mind.  “Don’t you care?”

Bear with a short story.  When I was ten years old, we lived in an old two story farmhouse.  My parents one day refused to comply with my youthful agenda.  I objected a bit much: and was promptly dispatched to my room upstairs.  Feeling horribly aggrieved, I then stood atop the stairs and proceeded to audibly share a conversation to an invisible audience (sort of like my online sermons of late).  “Some kids have parents who care.  Some kids parents let them do fun things.  My parents don’t love me.”  After a moment a stern reply rang from below, “Keep it up, and we’ll come up there and show you how much we care!”  —Silence.

For the next fifty years of their lives and for the rest of mine, I have been steadily uncovering evidence of just how much they did care for their son.  Stay with the Savior; trust and carry on.  As you and I learn and mature, we will discover indeed He cares.  More than we know.

“Casting all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you”. 

                                                                           I Pe 5:7