Church Survey Sunday

Church Survey Sunday

Why are we doing this?

The Good Shepherd knows His sheep.

It is important for us as Council members to know your needs in order to meet them. To that end, we will conducting the Church Effectiveness Survey in both worship services today.

  1. The Bible exhorts us to get the facts before making decisions. A survey is merely an efficient way of doing this. (Proverbs 18:13; Luke 14:28-32).
  2. Each of you is a part of our body. We need the commitment of every person to get the information we must collect
  3. Taking 30 minutes to complete our survey during a Sunday service will make every Sunday service for the next two years more fruitful. This is simply good stewardship.
  4. This survey is anonymous so you can be completely honest.
  5. This is a way for every person to make their desires heard as we choose our next Senior Minister. Many of the questions will relate to our eventual pastor search. If you want to “have your say” then please be here for this event. We will offer two makeup Sundays on June 13 & 20.
  6. Church Effectiveness Survey provides a detailed picture of a church’s internal demographics, spiritual makeup, and perceived and actual effectiveness as a disciplemaking church.

Instructions: Use a pen or pencil, or better yet, your smart phone (which will tabulate the answers for us automatically).

Question #21: The doctrinal statement of our church is the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds.

Questions #81-82 refer to our current Minister, Woody Woodward.

Question #123 refers to Pastor Daryl Higgins.