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We believe there is only one way to salvation—through Jesus Christ. But we recognize there are many paths to finding Jesus. We feel blessed that you have chosen First Protestant Church to help you on your journey, and we passionately embrace our higher calling to help anyone and everyone reach the salvation they desire.

We value the people who have yet to experience the joy of a personal relationship with God and we offer a guiding light to help find that relationship. We are a church committed to spreading the Word of God through our actions, love, charity, and ministry.

We believe in the following:

  • The Triune God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • The Bible is the divine authority for Christian belief and behavior.
  • A commitment to making disciples who are wholehearted followers of Christ. We value a ministry that develops strategies to uphold and exemplify Christian discipleship.
  • The value of community and fellowship among believers who share and care for the spiritual and material needs of others through a lifestyle of Christ-like attitudes and actions.

We are the founding church of the Evangelical Association