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Walk of Faith

First Protestant Church and our Family Life Center are connected by our Walk of Faith. It was inspired by a dream of Rev. Daryl Higgins and designed by architect and member of FPC, Kirk Gregory. The walk contains Bible Scripture and is surrounded by bricks etched with the names of members and friends of First Protestant Church. The addition leading to the front of entrance of our church was designed by Eugene G. Mornhinweg, former Church Historian and Walk of Faith Director. The walk consists of granite blocks, called pavers, that are 16″ x 16″. These pavers are made of Texas Red and Georgia Gray Granite, with the red pavers forming crosses.

Rows of brinks are situated along the edges of the groups of pavers. Each paver has verse from the Bible accompanied by the name of the donor or walk-of-faiththe name of the person being honored. The bricks will have a name on each one. Verses are used only once in the Walk of Faith, giving those using it new inspiration with every step. The Pathway of Life, from Coll Street to the Good Shepherd statue, has verses from the New and Old Testament. The red pavers in the crosses tell the story of the creation of the world, the Ten Commandments, and the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount. The second phase of the Walk of Faith is The Good Shepherd Walk. Located in the courtyard, between the Sanctuary and the Family Life Center, and leading from the statue to the Good Shepherd Window. This portion of the walk contains verses from the Bible. The three Trinitarian Fountains are also found in this section of the walk. These fountains represent the Father, Son. and Holy Spirit. The Reflecting Pool represents the still waters of the 23rd Psalm.

Completing the overall aesthetics of the courtyard are the two Memorial Planters, which contain various plants depicted in the Bible. The third section is The Living Cross, which features more pavers and bricks. It extends from Seguin Street to the front entrance to the Sanctuary, to the Family Life Center. The fourth section from Seguin Avenue to the front entrance of the Sanctuary consists of large 48″ x 64″ gray granite slabs inscribed with parables, and 16 x 16″ pavers with names that are honored by the parables. The Heritage Wall is located at the Coll Street walk. The Bible verses on these pavers are in German, honoring the heritage of those who founded New Braunfels and our congregation so long ago. Also inscribed on these bricks are the names of all the Senior Pastors who have served First Protestant Church. Recessed in the architecture are crosses made from cedar logs of the original wooden church built in 1846. For more information on the Walk of Faith or to purchase a paver or brick, please emailĀ Jerald Schroeder, FPC Director of Operations, or call him at 830-609-7729, ext. 19.