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RADIO BROADCAST: Be recognized for your Christian values while helping us extend the ministry of Jesus Christ to a wider audience. Groups, organizations, individuals, and businesses are invited to sponsor a live radio broadcast of our Sunday 10:30 Traditional Service on KGNB radio (1420 AM). We have been providing this live broadcast of Sunday service for over 40 years, reaching newcomers to New Braunfels and newcomers to the Christian faith, as well as First Protestant members unable to attend services in person. Your support is appreciated by our wide listening audience. The cost of sponsoring a single broadcast is only $160. You may elect to sponsor one broadcast or select a specific date for an annual sponsorship. Please fill out the form below to reserve your date and assure that proper recognition be given to you or your organization in the church bulletin. Payments may be delivered to the church office prior to the date of the broadcast. We thank you with grateful hearts for supporting this wonderful ministry outreach. ALTAR FLOWERS: You are welcome to recognize a special someone or special occasion in the presence of the Lord by adorning our altar with flowers during Sunday church services. You will help us provide an uplifting setting for the entire congregation while honoring someone or some event you love. Please fill out the form below to reserve your date and to assure proper recognition be noted in the bulletin. Flowers may be delivered by your florist to the Sanctuary between 8 – 10:00 am on the Saturday prior to your selected Sunday.
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