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The very mission of First Protestant Church is evident in our organizational chart, which places the congregation at the very top of our institutional structure. In accordance with the Protestant tradition, we believe in open transparency of church matters.

  •  First Protestant Church Staff
  •  First Protestant Church Council
  •  Current Board and Council Members

Church Council

The Church Council’s role is to listen reflectively and assure that our ministers and programs remain true to our mission statement, values, and vision for the future. The policy-making body of FPC, the Council is comprised of duly elected representatives of the church membership and is charged by the Constitution and By-Laws to direct the planning, administrative, and legal affairs of the church, in conjunction with the various Boards. The Council is made up of seven at-large members, four officers, and the Senior Minister. The four officers, along with the Senior Minister, comprise the Executive Committee, which meets as needed to review finances, the budget, church policies, and human resource matters. FPC functions as a “staff directed, council protected” model of governance. The Senior Minister provides leadership in developing, communicating, and implementing FPC’s vision. ViewCouncil minutes here

For more information about our Church Council or to be involved, please contact: Eric Goelzer, 2015 FPC Council President,

  • Board of Music & Fine Arts

    The Board of Music and Fine Arts will work with the ministerial staff in the evaluation, planning, and development of the corporate worship life of the Church with regard to music and fine arts; coordinate a cooperative partnership of fine arts in the expression of our Christian faith through the use of music, drama, and other aspects from the creative and performing arts to enhance corporate worship; serve the congregation at times when the Church is called on to perform weddings and funerals and to serve as counsel when establishing policies relating to these and other special rites; strive to expand the music and fine arts ministry throughout the membership of First Protestant Church using music that embodies the fundamental purpose of worship through musical, dramatic, and visual expressions of our praise, repentance, and offerings; and plan music and fine arts to enhance significant days of the liturgical year including, but not limited to, Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter. Further, this Board will plan to enhance special events that are a part of the community.
  • Board of Christian Education

    The Board of Christian Education will work directly with the Associate Minister and the Youth Director and/or the Director of Children’s Ministries to stimulate and develop an appropriate climate, program, and technique within which persons of all ages may be led into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and with the community of those who accept His Lordship over life; and will witness to the option of Christian faith within the total world of education.
  • Board of Missions

    The Board of Missions will work directly with the Associate Minister in providing a continuing assessment of the complete mission and outreach needs of the local, state, national, and world communities as it relates to the Mission Statement. This Board will be guided by the Holy Spirit in the development of the specific mission and outreach models and programs that will effectively share the good news of the Gospel in deed and substance as it relates to the global community in which we minister and serve.
  • Board of Contagious Christians

    The Board of Contagious Christians will work with the Minister of Congregational Life as a catalyst to ignite, empower, and focus the desire of every member of First Protestant Church to impact their world toward a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This Board will promote and oversee programs such as the “Becoming a Contagious Christian” class; meet as needed to explore creative and relevant means to fulfill its constitutional mission; and serve as a suggestion pool for ideas of effective community outreach that First Protestant can do for the purposes of evangelism.
  • Board of Pastoral Care

    The Board of Pastoral Care will work with the Minister of Congregational Life and the Lay Minister of Pastoral Care in developing the pastoral care ministry of the Church for members of all ages including, but not limited to, everything from confirmation to counseling; assist in developing the lay ministry program of the Church in the area of pastoral care. There will be three teams of lay ministers (shut-in ministry, caregiver ministry, and hospital visitation) to assist the Ministers in emergencies; assist in developing the prayer chains and/or prayer circles of the Church, assist in developing ongoing in-service training programs for all those involved in the lay ministry of the Church; and assist in providing ongoing programs and/or classes of interest in the area of pastoral care to the congregation.
  • Board of Finance

    The Board of Finance will work closely with the Senior Minister, the Business Manager, and Church Council in developing the financial needs of First Protestant Church, which are then presented to the Church Council for approval. This Board will develop an ongoing stewardship program for the effective yearly pledging and collection of pledged income for all purposes of church finances; prepare a comprehensive Annual Budget for all Church operations, providing for a monthly update of financial condition of the Church's operations; and develop and supervise special funding requirements as approved by the Church Council and/or the congregation, such as loans, bond programs, etc.
  • Board of Hospitality

    The Board of Hospitality will develop and promote a meaningful and sincere sense of belonging to the local church through participation in fellowship activities and groups. The Board will work directly with the Director of Volunteer Services in the coordination and promotion of meaningful fellowship within the local Church and the community at large through participation in scheduled events and activities.
  • Nominating Committee

    This Committee will prepare nominaions for members and officers o the Church ouncil, Board Chairpersons, delegates, and members of the Nominating Committee fo the subsequent year to be elected at the Annual Meeting. Such nominations will be printed in accordance with Article 2, Section 3, and Article 5, Section 3 of the By-Laws. The Nominating Committee will function throughout the year to recommend candidates to the Church Council for election to fill any vacancies that may occur during the year.
  • Salvation Army Board Representatives

    Gladys Bartling Gene Challenner