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History1.jpgThe history of First Protestant Church is simultaneous with the settling of New Braunfels. Even before the arrival of the first settlers in 1844, the Reverend Louis C. Ervendberg was invited by Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels, Germany to serve as Protestant Minister for the German immigrants who were expected to arrive a few months later. First services were held in December 1844; the church was incorporated October 1845, making it the first church in New Braunfels. The settlers who came to New Braunfels as early as 1845 worshipped in the German language. The first church they erected was made of wood. To the left of the pulpit, on the wall, you will see a picture of the log church and the wood cross, which is actually made from the original cedar logs. The cornerstone of our existing church was laid in 1875. Four years later the church was erected, but the tower was not added until 1889, the bells in 1894, and the clock in 1905; the enlarged chancel and chapel, with some remodeling, were added in 1955. The Sanctuary is now connected by a two-story interior corridor to the Family Life Center, which was dedicated on October 23, 1994. Looking down from the choir loft to obtain an overall impression of the church building, one can see that the church is laid out in the shape of a cross. The interior of this beautiful Gothic structure seems to say, "God is here. He is revealed to us in Jesus Christ, our Savior, Redeemer, and Lord." From the 19th to 21st centuries, a great deal of history has occurred inside and around our church, some of which can be viewed in our Heritage Rooms. Of notable interest is the chalice presented by Prince Carl von Solms on Good Friday in 1845, at the very first service held under a grove of elm trees. The first bells, brought to New Braunfels from Germany, are also on display. During the earliest pioneer days, these very bells were used to call people to worship, men to work, and children to school. They hung in the original log church as well as the current stone church until 1894 when they were replaced by the “new” bells. Other memorabilia, books, and church records commemorating our Christian heritage are presented in our four Heritage Rooms. This history of our church continues to unfold as our flock continues to flourish. You can read more about our church today and our wonderful campus.

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