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Adult Sunday Bible Classes

Education at First Protestant Church centers on the Bible. The classes that are available on Sunday mornings aim to enhance understanding and application of both the Old and New Testaments. Every class takes head knowledge and puts it into action through a variety of outreach and service project possibilities. Class leaders facilitate learning through discussion and Spirit-led interaction. Specific class topics vary throughout the year and may be found updated on the church website.

Sunday mornings (9:15-10:15am)

Kingdom Seekers
Instructor:  Wayne Wise
Location:  Main Office Conference Room

These discussions revolve around the books of the Bible. This class utilizes a variety of Bible versions and centers around open discussion. We will study God’s word and seek to make a practical application to everyday life.
Homebuilders: Bible 101
Instructor:  Sue Saur
Location:    Mornhinweg Center

Experience the power of God’s Word and come join our discussions in the Library. Topics include:

  •     Gathering Your Tools
  •     The Importance of the Word
  •     The Heart of the Author
  •     Who’s Who
  •     What’s What


Beyond Sundays, education at First Protestant offers some opportunities in which adults can interact with one another and explore questions in safe and supportive settings. (See also Small Groups information)

For more information about classes or teaching opportunities, please contact: Rev. Chuck Huckaby, Minister of Congregational Life, 830-609-7729 x18